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The NEON-1040/1020 is the industrys first and only industrial grade x86 smart camera to feature 4 MP 60fps, global shutter sensor, and the quad core Intel® Atom" 1.9 GHz processor, with minimal footprint and rugged IP67-rated construction. The quad core CPU increases computing power and FPGA coprocessors and GPU deliver advanced image processing, both beyond the capabilities of conventional smart cameras. Rich software support and API compatibility enable easy migration from original platforms, making it simple for system integrators to fulfill a variety of inspection application needs.

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ADLINK Technology (Part #: 30-01182-0000)

ADLINK Technology (Part #: 92-15721-0010)

ADLINK Technology (Part #: 92-99071-0010)

ADLINK Technology (Part #: LED Light (15 white LED arrays in ring shape))

ADLINK Technology (Part #: M12-12P to VGA & USB cable)

ADLINK Technology (Part #: M12-8P to RJ45 cable)

ADLINK Technology (Part #: NEON-1020 Starter Kit)

ADLINK Technology (Part #: NEON-1020/SSD16G)

ADLINK Technology (Part #: NEON-1020/SSD32G)

ADLINK Technology (Part #: NEON-1040 Starter Kit)

ADLINK Technology (Part #: NEON-1040/SSD32G)